Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN)

for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Communications

Faculty Members at Georgia Tech

Dr. J. R. Barry

Affiliation(s): Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at GT, FiWIN Associate Director at GT site, and Program Chair of Globecom 2013.

Research Interests: Digital communications theory,Wireless Systems, Optical Wireless (FSO) Systems, Radio over fiber systems, and Coding and signal processing.

Dr. G.-K. Chang

Affiliation(s): Byers Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at GT, Eminent Scholar of GA Research Alliance, FiWIN Director at GT site, Research Director 100Gb/s Next Generation Fiber Wireless Networking Center, Fellow of IEEE, OSA, and Telcordia.

Research Interests: Radio over fiber systems and networks, Broadband optical access networks, and Microwave photonics Optical wireless integration MM-wave IC design and integration.

Dr. Xiaoli Ma

Affiliation(s): Professor at Georgia Tech, Co-Director of the Georgia Tech Ultra Wideband Center of Excellence.

Research Interests: Diversity techniques for channel fading study cooperative communications, and Synchronization for MIMO ultra-wideband communications.

Dr. U. Ramachandran

Affiliation(s): Professor at College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Research Interests: Architectural design, programming, and analysis of parallel and distributed systems; Wireless sensor communications networks, and Mobile computing; and Ubiquitous distributed computing for an environment comprised of distributed sensors.

Dr. G. L. Stuber

Affiliation(s): Joseph M. Pettit Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech, Director of Wireless System Laboratory (WSL).

Research Interests: Wireless physical communications, Cellular mobile radio systems, and Broadband wireless access systems

Dr. Jeff Wu

Affiliation(s): Professor and Coca-Cola Chair in Engineering Statistics at the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Research Interests: Advanced Manufacturing, Analytics and Big Data, and Statistics

Faculty Members at Univsrsity of Maryland

Dr. C. C. Davis

Affiliation(s): Minta Martin Professor of Engineering, FiWIN Co-Director at University of Maryland, College Park

Research Interests: Free space optical and directional RF communication systems; Atmospheric turbulence; Advanced surveillance systems; Plasmonics, chemical and biological sensors; Interferometry; Optical systems; Bioelectromagnetics; and RF dosimetry.

Dr. S. D. Milner

Affiliation(s): Research Professor and Director, Center for Networking of Infrastructure Sensors & Associate Director, Maryland Optics Group in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park

Research Interests: Optical wireless networks; Scalability and reliability for dynamic wireless networks; Adaptive internet over broadband satellites and hybrid networks; Highly mobile adaptive broadband wireless networks; New dynamic system paradigms for mobility Autonomous topology control; and Dynamic adaptation of RF links in mobile broadband networks.