Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN)

for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Communications

About Us

The Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) Center for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Communications is led by Georgia Institute of Technology and in collaboration with University of Maryland as a site. Based on world-renowned research leadership and accumulated expertise in integrated fiber-wireless access technologies, FiWIN is favorably positioned to explore emerging access network architectures, functional designs of network elements, and optimizing system interfaces and operations for next generation mobile communication systems. We study baseband, microwave, and millimeter wave wireless transmission system in heterogeneous networking (HetNet) environment and explore game-changing methods that meet the requirements of mobile backhaul and front-haul operations.

The mission of the new I/UCRC FiWIN Center is to develop interdisciplinary science and technologies to meet the projected needs from telecommunication industry for increasing mobile wireless communication bandwidth, quality of service, and distribution over distances that can be as short as one meter and as long as hundreds of kilometers. To this end, FiWIN envisions multiband wireless radio frequency (RF) services being generated and carried optically over legacy optical fibers through an integrated optical and wireless network that includes signal transmission, network design, control, and management. Results of the research will be disseminated among industrial members to foster the development of a competitive, widely available, high performance, and secure communication infrastructure for advanced, high performance mobile communication.

Vision and Scope of NSF I/UCRC center of FiWIN

System Demonstration in NSF I/UCRC center of FiWIN

Research Tasks of NSF I/UCRC center of FiWIN

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