Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN)

for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Communications

Prospective Members

Industry/University Collaboration and Technology Transfer

The most important task of the FiWIN Center is to inspire and educate students, and to train a next generation of engineers, scientists, and technology leaders to implement the next generation information and computing networks through a process that includes innovative university research closely coupled to industry needs and guided directions. A technology transfer model is abstracted in Fig. 1, adapted from numerous previous NSF sponsored Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRCs).

As shown in Fig. 1, the IAB Industry Advisory Board (IAB) and industrial members serve in many roles within the FiWIN Center. New concepts begin with a set of identified technology needs necessary to implement an information and computing network. Feasibility studies are conducted based on preliminary research assessments and FiWIN center expertise. A strategic implementation roadmap evolves through corporate partner workshops. Roadmap follow-through involves theoretical development, research, and experimentation, leading to testbed verification, associated algorithms, and methodology with best practices. Technology transfer to early adopters is one of the FiWIN Center tasks.

Fig. 1. Industry/university collaborative technology transfer model.

Membership Benefits

All members shall receive the following benefits.

• One representative to the IAB as defined by the membership level.

• At least two research review meetings per calendar year held in conjunction with IAB meetings.

• Access to Center resources, faculty, researchers, students, and activities specified by the Center from time to time.

• Access to the applicable areas of a private, password-protected Center Member’s website.

• Intellectual property rights as defined in the membership agreement (appended in Supplementary Documents).

• Addendum: Member-Specific Sponsored Projects. Such projects are undertaken by the FiWIN Center upon request depending on the outcome of a feasible study. When a member company has a specific research goal, a member-specific sponsored project may be generated, the outcomes of which are owned by the sponsor and will not be shared with other FiWIN members. Specific intellectual property terms are previously agreed to base upon the sponsor's input, the terms of the FiWIN membership agreement and bylaws, and the policies of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation.